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  • NasaJet® handheld printer
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NasaJet® handheld printer / portable inkjet printer

Your mobile and portable printing solution for business and industry

Save lots of time and money with NasaJet® portable printing solution - at you warehouse, at your shop, whereever you want.

The modern and powerful industrial handheld inkjet printer NasaJet® helps you in labeling of almost any objects and surfaces. The quick and easy printing solution for your mobile printing problems. Above all, packaging, but also pallets, plastic and even metal can be labeled easily and quickly with the NasaJet® handheld printer. Standardized HP inkjet cartridges (HP 45, 45si, 45ai) ensure reasonable printing costs and constant availability of replacement ink. With our individual software for all Windows operating systems you can generate your desired printing templates for the mobile handheld printer in no time. Of course, the software can also create dynamic elements such as sequence numbers or dates.

Compare the NasaJet® to other labeling machines and industrial printing solutions - you will not find a better price-performance ratio.

Name: NasaJet® handheld inkjet printer
Price: 959.00 USD

Highest performance and quality

Powerful and economic

Reliable and almost maintenance-free

Nasajet Handheld printer


Status LED

Handle with "pistol-switch"

Battery cable

Ink cartridge

Micro-SD card reader

Mini-USB Port (-> PC)


Characteristics - NasaJet® handheld printer

  • Works with standard Hewlett Packard HP 45 ink cartridges
  • Portable printer with high resolution: 300 DPI
  • Font sizes up to 12mm (in single head mode)
  • Up to 3mm print distance (between printhead and print material)
  • Built-in text memory
  • Maintenance-free
  • Prints on almost any surface such as plastic, foil, paper, cardboard, metal, concrete, wood or glass
  • Prints graphics, logos, dates, time, consecutive numbers
  • MS Windows software for easy creation of print templates

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a handheld printer?


  • Razor sharp print
  • High printing speeds
  • Line by line printing also allows long and large fonts
  • Low consumption costs (only B/W printing)
  • Low noise level during printing
  • Praktisch wartungsfrei
  • Due to different inks practically suitable for all print media (Paper, textiles, metal, plastic, ...)
  • No particulate matter during printing (compared to laser printers)


  • For most models high purchase price
  • General disadvantages of inkjet printers - such as smearing inferior ink or drying out of the cartridges if not used for a longer time

Which materials can be printed with the hand printer?

Inkjet ink is suitable for almost all surfaces. Of course, there are lots of different inks, each for specific surfaces or applications.

The most common features include:
Waterproof, non-fading (UV-resistant), smudge-proof, abrasion-resistant, weatherproof, fast-drying, food safe, temperature resistant, washable, temperature sensitive, fluorescent, invisible (UV ink), thermochromic.

You can print on almost any surface with the right ink:
Paper, cardboard, cardboard, wood, plastic (sewage pipes, power cables, ...), plywood, textiles, cloths, CDs, DVDs, canvas, cotton, glass, concrete (eg sewer pipes, concrete blocks, concrete bollards), metal (rims, cans, canisters, tons), plastic film (stretch film, plastic bags), Sheet metal, leather, rubber (carpet backs, hoses, cables), ceramics (tiles, tiles), porcelain, synthetic resin, foams (PUR foam, cold foam, composite foam, PE foam) or even organic substrates (plants, Melons and other foods)

HP 45 ink cartridges
Inexpensive and high quality
HP 45 ink cartridges
  • NJ-8SKT/1 • Typ:45si Semi-porous Solvent • Color: Black

    Data sheet
  • NJ-8SKM/1 • Typ:45si Non-porous • Color: Black

    Data sheet
  • NJ-8SKG/1 • Typ:45si Non-porous • Color: Black

    Data sheet
  • NJ-8SKG/2 • Typ:45si Non-porous Solvent • Color: Black

    Data sheet
  • NJ-8AKG/3 • Typ:45a Porous Acquea • Color: Black

    Data sheet

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How long is the battery life of the NasaJet® handheld printer?

Is there also a software for Apple / iOS?

Unfortunately, there is currently no version of the software for Apple devices.

In which environments can NasaJet® be used?

NasaJet® works reliably in the range of 0-40 ° C. The humidity should not be higher than 70%.

How much does NasaJet® weigh?

NasaJet® weighs 555g without ink cartridge - with full cartridge about 670g.

What kind of ink cartridges does NasaJet® require?

NasaJet® uses standardized HP 45 ink catridges. We also sell HP 45 ink cartridges at an affordable price.